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Are we an Agency?

Are we an Agency?No, ModelFactory is not an agency, and will not act as an agent on your behalf.ModelFactory is a marketplace that allows talent to connect directly to casting opportunities, and deal directly with casting professionals.We don't take a commission or charge a booking fee for any work that is booked via our site.Members submit themselves for opportunities, and are responsible for discussing and agreeing on any payment or processing of payment with the individual Casting Professional who is arranging the job. ModelFactory does not set payment rates, invoice for members or process payment related to bookings.How can I be a Model???Is work guaranteed?No. In the entertainment industry, no one can guarantee you work, and you should be wary of anyone who does make these kinds of promises.ModelFactory is not responsible for choosing the talent booked for roles – the Casting Professional who places the listing selects who they would like ...

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How does ModelFactory work?

How does ModelFactory work?ModelFactory is an online marketplace where Talent and Casting Professionals connect directly, about jobs and auditions in the entertainment industry. It’s fast, efficient, cost effective and you’re in control! We’re on a mission to make casting simple, safe and accessible.For TalentWe welcome people of every age, ethnicity, location and experience level.You simply register online, and create a profile that showcases your interests, skills, experience. Our members apply directly to jobs and auditions that interest them.You can search all of the jobs available on our website, and we'll also email you updates on jobs that match you. If you're a dancer living in Wales and a listing comes in looking for someone like you, we'll let you know!It's free to create a basic profile using a Trial Membership, and trial members can apply to some listings for free. To apply for unlimited jobs o...

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Who can join ModelFactory?

Who can join ModelFactory?We welcome people of every age, ethnicity, location and experience level, from those who are starting out, right through to pro’s who are already working in the entertainment industry.You simply register online, and create a profile that showcases you, your interests, skills and experience. Our members apply directly to jobs and auditions that interest them.Minors’ profiles are all managed by a parent or guardian and they cannot create memberships without an adults permission.You can register your interest in the following categories: Actor, Extra, Model, Musician, Influencer, Photographer, Dancer, Reality TV, Survival Jobs, Film and Stage Crew or Hair / Make-up / Stylist.No Past Experience RequiredYou don’t need to audition or have a set number of credits to be accepted. ModelFactory is a great place to build up your experience, or to continue to develop your CV if you’re already working in the in...

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