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Steps to Cast Your Next Production

Steps to Cast Your Next ProductionFor a first timer, casting can be very daunting. Even if you’ve cast actors for productions before, every project is different and there’s a lot of variation. Luckily, no matter what you’re casting, there are a few simple tips and tricks of the trade that you can follow to help you along the way.1. Decide what you’re looking forThe first step is figuring out what kind of people you need for your production, to determine what kind of casting to have. Are you looking for a businessman type for a corporate video, or a teenage girl for a short film? In terms of how to get your casting call out there, this is where ModelFactory can help. We make it easy to place a casting call on our website and manage your applicants, as well as checking out potential talent in our Talent Directory.3 Rules of Thumb to Making TFP Work for You. 2. Write a detailed casting callWhen writing your casting call, outline as much...

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Casting Professionals Update: Share your applicants and download a shortlist

Casting Professionals Update: Share your applicants and download a shortlistGot a bunch of talented applicants for your ModelFactory listing, but need another opinion on who to pick? Good news! You can now share your list of applicants. It's quick, simple, and looks great (handy for impressing that fussy client!).Sharing applicants you've placed in the 'new', 'shortlisted' and 'unsuccessful' folders means your colleagues or clients can view profiles in a single click - no log-ins are needed. All of your other account details (like messages and past listings) remain private to you.5 Steps to Help You Get Cast.Download your shortlisted applicationsOnce you've narrowed your shortlist, you're probably ready to start booking talent!We've added another handy feature that allows you to download a more comprehensive view of your shortlisted candidates.Simply select 'Download shortlist to spreadsheet' in the options...

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