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What is your review of 'Dil Bechara' (2020 movie)?

What is your review of 'Dil Bechara' (2020 movie)?I would try not to mix my personal bias towards Sushant and keep the evaluation fair and simple. Owing to the hitting nostalgia and the fact that they will be witnessing Sushant’s work for the last time, some people have in the spin of emotions, have started giving Dil Bechara a rating of 9.6 on IMDB. Emotional Fools!I won’t be mincing my words and will not nerf the facts.Story: Sushant’s Dil BecharaCompletely bogus and rotten cliche concept. The same age-old poetic lie about love healing everything and this-that. Nothing new to offer. The book was overrated and so was the original hollywood adaptation. Rating 1/5.Recommended Secrets to Looking YoungerSummary: The movie can only be watched in a remembrance of a great soul that left us devastated and confused. Sushant is the only USP of the movie, the only shinning star.The nostalgia makes the movie look better than it ...

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